About Us


Apex CBD - We are a husband and wife team dedicated to providing the highest quality CBD products to compliment endocannabinoid homeostasis. Basically we believe that CBD can enrich your whole body from inside & out, top to bottom.

For a more detailed look at cannabinoids (CBD) please see the A-Z of CBD section on our homepage.

We are passionate about the products we sell and aim to provide our customers with the highest quality CBD rich dietary supplements, hemp oils, salves and more. We have done our research into the very best CBD products so you don't have to and we ensure that the highest quality growing procedures are maintained, use all organic material and that only the best extraction processes are maintained. They are also ethically sourced and 100% legal Hemp based and will contain no THC or a (recommended limit of detection 0.01%).
All products will be be accompanied by full lab reports so you will know exactly what you are buying.
We are equally passionate about nature conservation and we will be constantly looking into ways that we can lessen our carbon footprint.
Here at APEX CBD LTD we believe in the healing power of nature and the more we utilise this amazing plant the better it will be for the entire planet. We are very excited when wondering exactly what else we will learn about this plant in the future.
All items posted on Facebook concerning Apex CBD LTD appear by virtues of third party placements. APEX CBD LTD gives no warranty or representation that any such products are or can be taken to be medicinal products.

Regulatory Framework & Rules

  •  To maintain a professional and reputable business at all times in line with running a legal and responsible business model.
  • Never knowingly engage in activities likely to bring the legal cannabis and hemp trade sector into disrepute.
  • Hold valid and appropriate insurances in respect of public and employers’ liability and any other required insurances.
  • Respect Intellectual Property and legal commercial agreements, including Trade Marks, Patents, Licences, Goodwill, and Distribution Agreements.
  • Keep records of adverse effects and incidents involving any products we have manufactured, imported, or sold and where necessary notify the relevant authorities.
  • Provide suitable warranties and guarantees consistent with prevailing consumer and sector related legislation.
  • Take a positive and responsible attitude towards product information and latest information as it becomes available.
  • Never knowingly sell or misrepresent counterfeit or substandard products.
  • Ensure that all reasonable efforts are made to abide by the laws and regulations governing the manufacture, import, distribution, and sale of CBD products.
  • To never knowingly sell CBD products to anyone under the age of 18, anyone purchasing on the behalf of an under 18 must be aware that products sold as food supplements, traditional herbal remedies or products with marketing authority have stipulated recommended doses.
  • Ensure all products meet the labelling criteria  and clearly states recommended dosage instructions.
  • Promote the responsible usage of cannabis derived products.
  • Report any products or sellers that may cause damage, harm or bring disrepute onto the industry.
  • To ensure labs are in place before offering for sale.
  • To reasonably ensure lab reports are available for all products and available on request to the public.